Introduction (Brand Mark Element)

The logo consists of a logomark and a wordmark. The logo carries a modern and sophisticated approach to convey the confidence and trustability of Penang Halal International on a global scale.


The moon represents progress, which is synonymous with Penang Halal International’s vision of advancing the Halal Industries.

The 2 towers formed a diamond shape to represent the strokes and nature of Arabic calligraphy used in the Halal Mark.

The enclosed area in the centre depicts Penang as a Halal Hub, forming a bridge that elevates the Halal Industries to the global platform.


The wordmark has curved edges, to carry the essences of the Halal Arabic Strokes, as well as the Penang element, represented by the I in the word International, through the form of the Areca Palm Tree.

Visual Representative

The crescent moon on the logomark is a recognised symbol of Islam, representing the Muslim community in Penang.

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Penang Halal International Sdn. Bhd. (PHI) is the agency of the Penang State Government responsible for the promotion, facilitation and development of the Halal Business Ecosystem and Activities.  

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